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Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day

Saturday May Day 11-12 AM

Beautiful day with plenty of activity. I stopped and donated to the Schenectady Christian School who were biking to raise $$$. That's for you Kathleen. I also noticed Luke's picture from a group of pictures lining the path raising $$$ for children battling cancer. Later I saw Chrissy and skated her way for a while. Chrissy, Tom and I chatted shortly at the memory spot. Hi Stephanie.

Sunday May 2nd 5-6 PM

Squeezed in a skate before the rain. Temperature in the 80s and humid.
I saw a momma turtle skidaddling across the path back to the river after presumably, laying eggs. I took a picture of her on my camera phone. She looked nervous. I must've got her heartbeat racing up to 5-6 beats/minute.

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